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Experiencing the loss of multiple teeth can significantly impact your life, affecting everything from your confidence to your ability to enjoy your favorite foods. But there’s a beacon of hope with the All On X dental implant option, designed to restore not just your smile but your quality of life. At My Miami Lakes Dentist, Dr. Lizette Garcia, known for her exceptional skill as a GOLD Invisalign Provider, brings her expertise to this transformative procedure, often completing it in just one visit.

Who Needs All On X Implants in Miami Lakes?

Anyone facing the challenge of damaged, lost, or severely compromised teeth can find a new beginning with All On X. This treatment, accommodating anywhere from 4 to 12 implants, is tailored to meet your specific needs, offering a solution where traditional methods fall short. Our commitment is to provide a path to restoration for those who dream of a full, vibrant smile once again.


Let our team help you with all your dental needs.

Benefits of All On X Implants

All On X implants have many advantages over traditional options. This treatment is more effective and offers long-lasting results. Some of the key benefits of these dental implants are as follows:

  • Improved Smile: The implants help create natural-looking results that match your facial features, resulting in an appealing and harmonious smile.
  • Restoring Oral Function: All On X implants help restore oral function, allowing you to enjoy different foods. These dental appliances have a stable foundation and enable biting and chewing without any risk of slipping.
  • Preserving Facial Structure: Losing teeth can cause jawbone deterioration over time. All-on-X treatment helps preserve facial structure by preventing bone loss in the jaw.

There are many more reasons to consider All On X Implants. They don’t require frequent fitting sessions or the use of costly adhesives. Caring for the implants is simple. As the treatment improves your bite and oral function, it improves your overall quality of life. Our patients feel more confident and lead healthier lives after getting their treatment.

Why Trust Your Smile to Dr. Lizette Garcia and Our Team?

Choosing Dr. Lizette Garcia for your All On X procedure means entrusting your smile to a team that values innovation, comfort, and excellence. Beyond cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Garcia’s expertise with our oral surgeon in dental implants provides a foundation of trust and quality. Our approach is centered on your comfort, offering sedation options to ease any anxieties and ensuring a swift, efficient process that restores your smile and minimizes recovery time.
In choosing us for your All On X treatment, you’re not just selecting a dental solution; you’re embracing a team dedicated to restoring not only your smile but also your ability to engage in the joys of life fully. Welcome to a new chapter, where your smile is a testament to the resilience and expert care of Dr. Lizette Garcia and our dedicated team.

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