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Tooth Fillings

Your dentist may suggest Tooth Fillings to fill in gaps or holes in the enamel of your damaged, broken, or decayed teeth. The treatment typically involves removing the decayed part of the tooth and filling it in. Often, teeth worn down from tooth grinding, nail-biting, and other misuses are treated with dental fillings.
Common dental fillings include composite resin, silver amalgam, resin ionomer cement, glass ionomer cement, porcelain, and gold alloys.

Signs You Need Tooth Fillings

It is difficult to detect dental decay in its early stages. Still, some signs may indicate that you need Tooth Fillings in Miami Lakes, FL. If you notice the following signs, you should fix an appointment with Dr. Lizette Garcia at My Miami Lakes Dentist:

  • Tooth Sensitivity
  • Damaged previous filling
  • Fractured or chipped tooth
  • Flossing string tears repetitively
  • Food getting stuck between teeth
  • Sharp or throbbing pain
  • Dark spots


Let our team help you with all your dental needs.

Benefits of Tooth Fillings

There are immediate, long-term, and profound benefits of Tooth Fillings. Some of the most important reasons for ensuring timely fillings are as follows:

  • Stopping Cavity Expansion: When the cavity is cleaned and filled up, the dentine nerve endings are protected from exposure to bacteria and temperatures. This helps prevent toothaches and cavity expansion.
  • Tooth Strengthening: We regularly use fillings to strengthen and improve fractured teeth. A tooth can fracture from chewing on hard things and oral trauma. The filling provides your tooth with much-needed support instead of leaving it hollow.
  • Improving Tooth Color: We can also use composite fillings for discolored or extremely-stained teeth.
  • Preventing Further Decay: Our patients often develop tiny holes in their teeth that are not too big to be considered cavities. We use Tooth Fillings to seal off these holes to prevent debris and food particles from getting trapped.

Why Choose Us for Your Tooth Fillings?

Our team, led by Dr. Lizette Garcia, offers specialized services in restorative dentistry, including Tooth Fillings. There are many reasons for choosing us for your dental filling needs:

  • We offer natural tooth-colored composite fillings
  • We follow a personalized approach for all treatments
  • We explain the benefits, key features, and drawbacks of each filling material
  • We take your comfort as our top priority

Whether it is Tooth Fillings or any other dental treatment, we lay a lot of emphasis on patient education. We will take the time to answer all your questions to help you make the right decisions.

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