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Laser Gingivectomy

Laser gingivectomy is a popular treatment procedure for gingivitis, and quite understandably so. Minimally invasive surgery allows for the safe removal of infected or damaged gum tissue. If you’re looking for the best place for Laser Gingivectomy in Miami Lakes, FL, we have got you covered. At My Miami Lakes Dentist, we boast a strong track record for carrying out surgical procedures safely and with maximum efficacy.

What is Laser Gingivectomy?

This modern surgical procedure involves using advanced lasers to remove gum tissue (gingiva). Laser gingivectomy not only helps prevent tissue overgrowth and improve teeth appearance but is also prescribed by dentists as a treatment for gingivitis.
This invasive treatment can also treat conditions like periodontitis, gum damage, and bacterial infections. Whether a dentist has advised you to undergo a laser gingivectomy for treatment or simply want it for cosmetic reasons, Dr. Lizette Garcia is the best person for the job. Backed by years of expertise, top-notch equipment, and a team of skilled professionals, she can carry out the procedure effectively and carefully.


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What are the benefits of Laser Gingivectomy?​

Choosing laser gingivectomy over other alternative paths of treatment, especially traditional surgeries, comes with many perks, such as:

  • Less painful: Neither laser gingivectomy nor traditional surgery should ideally be painful, as both involve the use of anesthesia. However, the former requires much less anesthetic than if you chose to go under the scalpel. Post-treatment pain is also far less for laser gingivectomy compared to traditional Gingivectomy.
  • Quicker healing: Patients opting for laser gingivectomy require much less recovery time. This is because the laser used in this procedure automatically cauterizes the wounds and seals them away from germs and bacteria. This eliminates the need for sutures, which would have resulted in additional puncture wounds.
  • Safer: Laser gingivectomy is also safer than its conventional variation, as the lasers sterilize the area, reducing the chances of bacterial infection. Thanks to the cauterizing effect of the lasers, bleeding is minimized too.

Why choose My Miami Lakes Dentist for laser gingivectomy?

With our comprehensive expertise and technology, our dental office is your best option for laser gingivectomy in Miami Lakes. Dr. Lizette Garcia will perform the procedure, so you can rest assured of a safe and comfortable experience. So, put aside your fears and book your appointment for a laser gingivectomy treatment with us at My Miami Lakes Dentist today.

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