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Gummy smile treatment

A smile is more than just a pleasant sight; it’s a bridge to human connection and happiness. Yet, for those dealing with a gummy smile, sharing a joyful moment can sometimes bring feelings of self-consciousness. The silver lining here is that Dr. Lizette Garcia is a seasoned professional in treating gummy smiles, bringing years of expertise to the table. Anyone seeking dependable gummy smile treatment in Miami Lakes should look no further than Dr. Garcia and her dedicated team. They are, without a doubt, your go-to solution.

What is a gummy smile, and how is it treated?

Gummy smile refers to a condition characterized by an excessive display of gum tissue when smiling. According to the International Journal of Surgery Case Reports (IJSCR), a smile is deemed gummy if it reveals more than 2 millimeters of gum. Nonetheless, the perception of what constitutes a gummy smile is largely subjective and can differ from one individual to another.

At My Miami Lakes Dentist, we excel in providing safe and effective treatment for gummy smiles. Tailoring our approach to fit the specific needs and desires of each patient, our dentists offer a range of treatment options to address the unique characteristics of the gummy smile condition.

  • Oral surgery
  • Lip repositioning surgery
  • Orthognathic surgery
  • Temporary anchorage devices
  • Botox
  • Hyaluronic acid

With her extensive experience treating gummy smiles, Dr. Garcia can devise the perfect treatment plan customized just for you, taking into account your specific condition and personal preferences.


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What are the benefits of gummy smile treatment?

Correcting a gummy smile might seem like it’s all about enhancing your appearance, but it’s much more than that. When you opt for gummy smile treatment, you’re not just changing how you look – you’re giving yourself the freedom to smile without hesitation or concern over what others think about your gums. Considering how deeply our self-image and mental well-being are connected, investing in gummy smile treatment in Miami Lakes is truly a worthwhile decision.

Why choose My Miami Lakes Dentist for gummy smile treatment?

Dr. Lizette Garcia’s exceptional success in transforming gummy smiles into confident and joyful ones is the cornerstone of why we’re your premier choice. Additionally, our dedicated team prioritizes your safety and comfort throughout the process. If you have any questions about our gummy smile treatment services in Miami Lakes, Florida, we encourage you to reach out. We’re here to assist and eager to help.

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