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The use of Nightguards helps treat a wide range of conditions, such as TMD, bruxism, and sleep apnea. These dental appliances work by keeping your mouth in the proper position when you are asleep, thus protecting your mouth and teeth. It is worn while sleeping to prevent the patient from grinding their teeth.


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Why You May Need to Wear Nightguards?

Our patients may need to wear Nightguards for several reasons. Some of the common reasons are as follows:

  • Preventing Changes to Bite: We can fit a nightguard precisely to your bite to prevent teeth surfaces from grinding against each other. The appliance prevents any changes to your bite and protects your teeth from damage due to grinding.
  • Preventing Enamel Erosion: Bruxism causes the thinning of your teeth enamel. This can create further issues, with dentin hypersensitivity being the most notable.
  • Reducing Discomfort: Nightguards can also reduce discomfort associated with your existing oral condition. For example, they can help reduce the severity of jaw pain and other aches associated with TMD.
  • Easy to Breathe in: Another benefit of nightguards is that they are breathable. They are designed to keep the airway open by separating the upper and lower jaws.

Why Choose Us for Nightguards in Miami Lakes?

Dr. Lizette Garcia will take the time to custom design your nightguard to fit your teeth and jaw structure. The result is exceptional comfort and high effectiveness. We use high-quality materials that offer comfort and durability while protecting your teeth. We will also consider your teeth condition and comfort factors to determine whether you need an upper or lower nightguard in Miami Lakes, FL.

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