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Teeth Cleaning

Brushing and flossing can eliminate a certain amount of bacteria from your teeth surface, but some bacteria persist and need professional teeth cleaning to be thoroughly removed. Dr. Lizette Garcia and our hygienist at My Miami Lakes Dentist suggest undergoing a dental cleaning every six months for optimal oral health. Depending on your specific dental condition, we offer various teeth cleaning services tailored to meet your needs.
There are different types of Teeth Cleaning services, and we will determine the right one based on your oral health condition.

Different Types of Teeth Cleaning in Miami Lakes

Professional dental cleanings help remove excess tartar and plaque. Bacteria tend to thrive in dental tartar and plaque. There are different types of cleanings, and we will suggest the right one based on the amount of tartar and plaque buildup.
The different options are as follows:

  • Prophylaxis Dental Cleaning
  • Scaling & Root Planing
  • Periodontal Maintenance Cleanings
  • Gross Debridement Cleanings


Let our team help you with all your dental needs. 

Benefits of Regular Teeth Cleaning in Miami Lakes

Dr. Lizette Garcia and our team will suggest the right type of dental cleaning based on your oral health condition. Ensuring routine cleanings can help offer various benefits, including the following:

  • Preventing cavities
  • Stopping tooth loss
  • Preventing bad breath
  • Brightening up your smile
  • Improving overall health and wellbeing

Professional Teeth Cleaning in Miami Lakes can help prevent potential dental diseases and save you money in the long term. Any dental problems can be detected and treated early on.

Why Choose Us for Teeth Cleaning?

Professional Teeth Cleaning is a must. When you need the service, you should consider our dental office for several reasons. We provide a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere and use the latest high-tech systems. Our hygienist is experienced, and you will always see her. Our team is also committed to educating our patients on maintaining their oral health.

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