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Root Canal Re-Treatment

On rare occasions, root canal treatment patients can experience further problems with their teeth and require Root Canal Re-Treatment in Miami Lakes, FL. Most of the time, root canal therapy retains your tooth’s good condition for the rest of your life. However, a very small percentage of patients may at times find their treated tooth not healing effectively.

Causes Behind Root Canal Re-Treatment

At times, a root canal-treated tooth can start hurting or fail after some time. Sometimes, new problems can develop. Some of the reasons root canal patients may require Root Canal Re-Treatment are as follows:

  • Delays in placing a permanent restoration after the initial root canal treatment
  • Narrow or curved canals leading to untreated inner tooth
  • Tooth decay sets in because the inner tooth wasn’t effectively sealed off from saliva contamination
  • Complicated canal anatomy
  • Injury to the treated tooth

As mentioned above, it is very uncommon for root canals to not heal properly.


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Benefits of Seeking Root Canal Re-Treatment

If you are a candidate for Root Canal Re-Treatment in Miami Lakes, FL, tooth extraction is the only other alternative. Dr. Lizette Garcia may suggest an extraction only if there is no way to restore your natural tooth.

Some of the key benefits of opting re-treatment are as follows:

  • Painless treatment
  • Preserving the natural tooth and restoring its normal function
  • Improved oral health and appearance
  • Cost-effective treatment

Retreatment also helps prevent the spread of infection. A tooth extraction, on the other hand, means losing a natural tooth, which can create a series of issues. The remaining teeth can start shifting, creating problems with your bite and smile. Tooth extraction can also create ideal conditions for jawbone deterioration.

Why Choose Us for Root Canal Re-Treatment?

When choosing a dental office for Root Canal Re-Treatment in Miami Lakes, we stand out for many reasons. Quality care and patient comfort are our top priorities. We begin with a proper diagnosis and offer honest and affordable pricing.
We also understand how difficult dental pain can be. So, we make every effort to provide you with a same-day appointment. Whether it is Root Canal Re-Treatment or any other dental treatment in our Miami Lakes office, we communicate clearly what you should expect during the process.

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